As a visitor, there are mainly two scenarios when you may need KÖL.APP: planned and unplanned visits to a store/shop.

When you are at home and want to check out if your favorite bakery has a long queue or when you do not plan your visit and go straight to the store.

With the app you are possible to read a QR code at home from the bakeries webpage or when you arrive at the store. You are given the opportunity to choose if you want to go directly into the queue at the checkout or if you want to wait until you start to finish your shopping. You can set an alarm when a certain time is left until it is your turn or you can follow your place in the queue, see how many there are before you are next. This will give you the opportunity to plan your shopping or to leave the store and the crowd and come back when it is your turn.

As a shop owner, you want to minimize crowds and queues in your store so that the customer gets the best shopping experience, but also during times of crisis. minimize the spreading of infection. As a store owner you post a QR code on your shop window /front door. This will give the visitor the possibility to receive their queue ticket without even entering the store. In cases where the store owner already has screens at the checkout, these can be used as queue number presenter. A larger store can have cashiers dedicated to QR queues.

In future the store owner will be given the opportunity to advertise in the app. When the customer scans the store's QR code, they get to take advantage of the offers the store has right now.